Research Assignment Conversation: Progress reports from participants on the process they have used for their assignment five research to find an interview subject outside the region. How was research done, what social media platforms were used, difficulties encountered.

Session Six Topic: The discussion will focus on the Gaza community of Izbet Abed Rabbo and that of Netiv HaAsara, an Israeli community very close to the Gaza border. Specifically what has occurred in the communities over the past 12 years since Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip.  We will also explore the overall tactics employed by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) during their incursion and the responses of the Gazan militias. Rami Eisa, the project’s co-producer will contribute to the discussion with updates.

In addition, importantly time will be dedicated to how COVID-19 is being dealt with in Israel and the Palestinian territories, including the contrast between how healthcare is administered in both populations.

Research Assignment: A continuation of the oral histories of Palestinians or Israelis in the Diaspora. After conducting the interviews, each participant will post a short essay outlining what has been learned and will present their impressions.