Peaces of the News

January 1, 2020.  The beginning of the new year and the beginning of a continuing artistic undertaking.

This needs an explanation.  While volunteering  in San Francisco with an international aid organization, one of the tasks was finding locations to distribute donated clothing to the homeless and immigrant populations.  

While diving into this mission it immediately became apparent that a very large amount of clothing was being tossed into a dumpster due to being soiled or overly worn.  

What to do?  A project to turn fabric scraps into paper and subsequently into works of art;  collages of recycled fabric, recycled paper, newspaper clippings, photography, original art and bits from our found environment.    All to reflect our complex and confounding social, cultural and political landscape.  

To date over 120 individual collages  have  been created.    All are available as prints,  posters and framed, signed originals.  As daily new works are  created each will be posted.  At the end of the year originals will be mounted and organized into a traveling installation for display far and wide. Inshallah, if God so wills it.