Jerusalem: A Living History

News media tells the what, where and when of a story.  Our project addresses the underlying central questions of why, and how deeply newsworthy events impact the daily lives of the women, men and children who are living that history.

Our demonstration prototype focuses on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

“Living Histories” is a unique, intertmedia web portal facilitating user-directed explorations.  Using 360 degree panoramas with embedded links as the core navigation tool, it offers viewers a broad spectrum of resources, but features many intimate videos, where participants can delve deep into the stories of the people who are `directly affected by events around them.  

Our project is a collaboration of Studio Resolution and Video Free America, both U.S. based, and The Media Group, working in Israel/Palestine. 

Studio Resolution, a not-for-profit corporation is designed to create, promote and distribute works of art and multi-media documentaries. Video Free America, an independent video production group, uses new media platforms for artistic expression.   The Media Group provides localized production services to BBC, French 24 Television, and many others. 

While our proposed prototype focuses on the city of Jerusalem and this region’s conflict, it will become evident the format can be applied to any region confronting complex issues.

In Jerusalem: A Living History visitors enter the portal at Jaffa Gate, the main entrance into the Old City.  Their journey begins from a central 360 panorama where they visually find maps, shops, posters, signs and doorways.  By clicking any of these links, visitors will travel as deep into any stories they choose to explore. They can enter the homes of residents and learn more about them, a bookstore to read newspapers, or a library to explore historical archives.