Art Under Siege

Nothing better sums up the goals and objectives of Art Under Siege better than artist Malak Mattar's recent work that articulates sadness and hope in equal measure.

When peace dies, embrace it. It will live again.

Malak is one of the four Gaza artists featured in Art Under Siege, a collection of original art,  posters, and prints, gathered together for exhibition in a traveling multi-media installation.  And for sale on this website with 50% of all net income going directly back to the artists.

Why this project ?   As a U.S. born media maker living  and working in the Gaza Strip for over 16 months an identical set of words were heard over and over again from the women, men and children living under the siege. 

"They can deprive us of basic necessities, they can bomb our homes, kill our children and loved ones, strip away our freedoms....but they cannot take our minds, our will and passionate desire to express ourselves!"

This is their story, our story.  

Maurice Jacobsen, Creative Director