we all live in gaza - our crowdfunding campaign

The countdown has begun on our crowdfunding campaign for We All Live in Gaza.  

We have had excellent response and are very close to our funding goal or $12,000, the funds needed for the final sound mixing, image enhancements and rights clearance fees.

Inshallah, God willing we will begin final editing in mid May, with a mission to have a premiere screening on the Mall in Washington, DC this fall.

It is an ambitious goal, but with your help and support it is definitely doable.  

To learn more about the campaign and our documentary chronicling the past, present and future of Gaza please visit the campaign site here:


Please take the time to pursue the site, watch the videos and browse the artwork
available from Gaza artist Malak Mattar as think you gifts.  

We thank you, the women, men and children thank you!