Research Assignment Conversation:  Words matter. Each member of the class will present the news event they chose for their assignment research and discuss key wording that could perpetuate stereotyping.

Session Five Topic: The focus of this discussion will be on ethnic identity of those who live outside the region today in the Diaspora.  We will look at stories of why individuals left or were forced out of the territory and the ties back to Israel/Palestine today.  Alex Awad, educator and author, a Christian Palestinian now living in the U.S. will be invited to join the discussion.

Research Assignment: In this research each participant will identify a Palestinian or Israeli now living outside the Israeli State or Palestinian territory and conduct an oral history.  Why they left, their assimilation into their new country, their desire, if any, to return.  The aim is to present that history in a written essay to the online group.  This again is a two-week project.